West Virginia Annual Reauthorization – Consumer Information

Senate Bill 375, passed during the 2011 legislative session, delegated the responsibility for making rules for the annual reauthorization of colleges and universities in this state to the Higher Education Policy Commission and the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical Colleges. To retain the authority to confer degrees within West Virginia, each higher education institution is required to annually submit, as requested, all information the Commission or Council considers "necessary to assess the performance of the institution and to determine whether the institution continues to meet the minimum standards for conferring degrees."

The annual reporting requirements outlined in Series 52, Annual Reauthorization of Degree-Granting Institutions, require each institution to provide such information as:

  • verification of current accreditation status,
  • student enrollment data,
  • tuition and fee information,
  • first to second year retention rates,
  • graduation rates,
  • student transfer information,
  • licensure pass rates,
  • student loan default rates,
  • campus crime statistics, and
  • number of student, staff, and faculty grievances.

This information is available to the public in the following tables: