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Meeting the Challenge

Over the last five years, the West Virginia Community and Technical College System made great strides in addressing the workforce needs of employers and providing access to affordable higher education to West Virginians.  The Community and Technical College System saw its overall annual enrollment increase by 26.8% from 28,415 statewide in 2005 to more than 36,000 students in 2010 and its workforce efforts increased by 25%. Despite this progress, the System will face new challenges that must be addressed successfully over the next five years and beyond if West Virginia is to provide its citizens with quality education and training programs that are necessary to move the State forward economically.  Over the next five years, the System will increase the number of degree holders by increasing graduation rates, continuing to provide affordable access to higher education, and reaching out to adult students through innovative programming.  All ten community and technical colleges are committed to meeting the challenge of moving West Virginia forward.


The mission of the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia is to promote and provide high-quality, accessible, and responsive education and training opportunities that maximize student learning, improve the standard of living for West Virginians, and contribute to the economic vitality and competitiveness of our state.

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